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Camp at Martha's Vineyard Family Campground and enjoy the Island's many scenic wonders, including beautiful Gay Head cliffs.

2016 Camping Rates

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Our season runs from May 19 through October 12, 2016.

Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground is located in an oak forest and all sites are shaded. Open campfires are allowed, and we provide a picnic table at each site. We recommend a 50' hose, 50' extension cord, and a 20' sewer line. Electric service is 30 amp; 50 amp by request.

Please read the following guidelines carefully. If you have more than the permitted number of persons, or equipment in excess of our allowances, please request additional sites in advance. For multiple sites, please submit a separate reservation form with a different name and address for each site. We will be happy to reserve adjoining sites for you. Last minute changes may require additional sites that are not near each other, as well as unplanned expenses. If you have questions, please list them on the form below.

Check Out: 11:00AM.Check In: 2:00PM

Occupancy: Base Rates are for 2 persons only. A maximum of 4 Adults OR 2 Adults and their children under 18 years of age per site. Limit of 1 large tent or 2 small tents and 1 motor vehicle per site. Additional vehicles must park in our designated lot; additional persons or equipment may require another site. (Fee may apply.) We will not allow overcrowding.

Visitors: All visitors must register at the office upon arrival and pay a $10.00 daily fee or $15.00 overnight fee. Vehicles require a pass and must be parked in our designated lot.

Pets: Sorry! Dogs are not permitted in the campground. For Kennel reservations call (508) 693-6515 or (508) 627-5292.

Motorcycles: Quiet motorcycles, mopeds and licensed scooters are permitted in the campground. They may be used only to enter or leave.

2016 Camping Base Rates (2 persons)

  Daily Weekly
Camp Site* $58.00 $357.00
Trailer Site** $64.00 $399.00
Additional Adult $15.00 per night  
Additional Child $5.00 per night  
Children Under 2 FREE FREE
Single Campers $10.00 per night discount
(before June 20 or after Labor Day)
Extra Vehicles $15.00 PER NIGHT
Must park in main lot.
(No charge for boat trailers.)

* Includes Water & Electric, if requested.
** Includes Water, Electric & Sewer.

Seasonal Sites: $4,300.00 - $4,700.00 - based upon 2 persons, paid in advance. Trailer sites only, with limited availability. Please use our “Request More Information” button to inquire regarding the availability of seasonal sites.

Organized Groups: Adults $15.00; children $8.00. Available in May, June, September and October. Requires a minimum of 10 persons. Advanced reservations required with a 50% advanced deposit. Inquire about special group rates on the Steamship Authority.

Reservations: Highly recommended! Full payment in advance is required to confirm reservations of 7 days or less. A minimum of 1 week’s deposit is required for stays of over 7 days. There is a 2 night minimum on weekends and a three night minimum for July 4th. We will do our best to honor specific site requests for stays of 7 or more nights. Please use the form below to make your reservation request.

Campsite Cancellations: Reservations must be cancelled at least 14 days in advance in order to receive any refund. A $20.00 cancellation fee will be charged.

2016 Cabin Rental Rates

  Daily Weekly
1 Room Cabin* $145.00 $910.00
2 Room Cabin** $165.00 $1,050.00

* Maximum occupancy: 4 people.
** Maximum occupancy: 6 people.
Only 1 car per cabin.

Cabin Furnishings: One Room Cabins include 1 double bed, three single bunks, a small refrigerator, and an outside gas grill with side burner. Two Room Cabins include 2 double beds and bunks to sleep 6, a small refrigerator, and an outside gas grill with side burner. All cabins have water available, electric lights and outlets, a picnic table, fire ring, and mattresses. You will need to bring your own cooking utensils and bedding. All rentals are located a short distance from bathrooms and facilities. Sorry, tents are not permitted on cabin sites.

Cabin Reservations: 100% advance deposits are required on all rentals. A two-night minimum is required, with a three-night minimum stay in July, August, AND on all holidays. Rates are based upon the maximum occupancy as listed above. A credit card is required for damage and cleaning deposit at check-in.

Cabin Cancellations: Advance notice is required to receive any refund.
• With a minimum of 30 days of advance notice, a $20.00 service charge will apply.
• With 14 to 29 days advance notice, cancellation fee is 25% of deposit.
• With 7 to 13 days advance notice, cancellation fee is 50% of deposit.
• With less than 7 days notice, cancellation fee is 75% of deposit.

Enjoy your campsite at Martha's Vineyard Family CampgroundEnjoy a new cabin rental at Martha's Vineyard Family CampgroundEnjoy tent camping at Martha's Vineyard Family Campground

Reservation Request Form

You are encouraged to use the following on-line form in order to request a reservation at Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground. We will make every effort to respond to your request as promptly as possible, generally within a few days.

Once we notify you that a site is available, you must finalize the reservation process by making arrangements for the payment of the required reservation deposit. Personal checks are accepted for advance reservation deposits only, and should be mailed to P.O. Box 1557, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568. For your added convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Payments by credit card may be made via our Secure Credit Card Payment website. (We will provide you with a link to that site if you choose to utilize this option.) You also may phone us with your credit card information at (508) 693-3772. Regardless of the method of payment which you choose, please be aware that you do not have a confirmed reservation until your deposit has been processed.

Remember, if you are bringing a vehicle, it is advisable that you call the ferry for availability prior to reserving a campsite with us. However, if you plan on renting a trailer site or one of our cabins, please call us first to confirm availability prior to making your ferry reservations.

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Reservation Request
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For multiple sites, please submit a separate reservation form with a different name and address for each site. If space is available for your requested date(s), we will contact you via e-mail. The reservation will be confirmed after payment has been received. If you prefer, you may print this form and mail it to us. Either way, we look forward to your visit. Thank you!
We accept Discover/Novus, Visa & MasterCard
Check in time after 2:00PM. Check out 11:00AM or earlier.
Note: We are looking (above) for the overall length of your RV in order to determine placement on site. The overall length with your vehicle attached, along with overall height, will be required when you call for ferry reservations at (508) 477-8600.
Please indicate any preferences:
If you have any questions, please ask them here. If you are submitting multiple reservations for multiple sites, please call this to our attention.
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Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground
569 Edgartown Road / P.O. Box 1557
Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
(508) 693-3772